Sitting Cat

cat logo in overlaping line style


This portfolio item features an abstract representation of a cat, brought to life through a unique overlapping area line style. The dominant color palette chosen for this artwork is a vibrant shade of orange, exuding energy and warmth.

The image depicts a cat in a sitting position, evoking a sense of tranquility and poise. The technique is the interplay of overlapping lines to create a visually dynamic composition. The carefully crafted contours of the cat’s body and the subtle variations in line thickness lend a captivating depth to the artwork, inviting the viewer to imagine its shape.

The abstract nature of the piece allows for a certain level of interpretation, encouraging viewers to engage their imagination and draw personal connections to the feline subject. The vibrant orange color choice adds an element of playfulness and liveliness, capturing the essence of the cat’s spirit.

Logo Specifications




Orange (R:247 G:147 B:29) ― (C:0 M:50 Y:100 K:0)



Adobe Illustrator CS6