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Football Association of Ireland (FAI) Logo Meaning & Vector AI

Hi, fellow supporters of Irish football! If you’re a supporter of the Irish national teams, you may have noticed a fresh new look recently. The Football Association of Ireland (FAI) has just revealed a brand new logo as part of its updated brand identity. It’s been almost two decades since the last redesign, so this is definitely an exciting moment for the FAI and its fans.

Who is FAI

So, you know about the Football Association of Ireland (FAI), right? They’re the ones who make sure the beautiful game is up and kicking in the Republic of Ireland. They’ve been around since way back in 1921, working hard to promote and develop football across the country.

But hey, it hasn’t been all smooth sailing for them lately. They’ve faced their fair share of challenges and have been putting in the effort to rebuild trust and respect.

But here’s the exciting part! In March 2023, the FAI unveiled a whole new brand identity. Yep, that means new logos and a fresh crest for the National teams. And get this – it’s the first time they’ve given their brand a makeover in almost two decades!

It’s like a whole new era for the FAI, and they’ve been working closely with their staff, players, fans, volunteers, match officials, club officials, coaches, and managers, as well as government, Sport Ireland, and commercial partners, over the past year to bring this new identity to life.

So, let’s dive in and take a closer look at what’s changed!

What Else Changes For Logo


So, here’s the lowdown on the fresh new brand identity of the Football Association of Ireland (FAI)! They’ve gone all out with redeveloped logos and a brand-new crest for the National teams.

And guess what? The iconic Irish symbol of the shamrock takes center stage in the new crest, based on feedback from fans and players who were eager to see it incorporated. Plus, that classic Irish green is front and center, giving it that unmistakable Irish flair!

But that’s not all! The FAI has also created distinct identities for the Association itself and the recently announced League of Ireland. They wanted to make sure they had a separate and professional look and feel for the governing body of the sport, showcasing its role in the football community.


Hex code: #007333

  • CMYK: 90, 30, 100, 19
  • RGB: 0, 115, 51
  • Color name: Dark green

Hex code: #ff8b02

  • CMYK: 0, 55, 100, 0
  • RGB: 255, 139, 2
  • Color name: Orange

Hex code: #ffffff

  • CMYK: 0, 0, 0, 0
  • RGB: 255, 255, 255
  • Color name: White

Hex code: #009941

  • CMYK: 85, 14, 100, 2
  • RGB: 0, 153, 65
  • Color name: Green

The new logos of the Football Association of Ireland (FAI) are rocking a fresh and vibrant color palette! You’ve got that classic Irish green taking the spotlight, but they’ve also cleverly incorporated the white and orange colors from the Irish flag. It’s like a celebration of all things Irish!

When it comes to the new national team crest, it’s all about the shamrock, set against a crisp white background and enclosed in an eye-catching orange border. And check this out – the green, white, and orange colors of the Irish flag are also proudly displayed at the bottom, adding that extra touch of Irish pride. It’s a dynamic and modern take on traditional Irish elements, and it’s definitely making a statement!

So, whether it’s the bold green or the meaningful colors, the new logos of the FAI are definitely turning heads and capturing the spirit of Irish football. It’s an exciting new look that’s sure to make an impact both on and off the pitch!

FAI logo black and white


The FAI has unveiled a new brand identity, including a fresh crest for the National teams. This update represents a new era, with a focus on the shamrock and the colors of the Irish flag. It’s an exciting development for Irish football, signaling a bright future for the sport in Ireland. Get ready to cheer on the new look of the FAI!

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