The Hidden Meaning of CERN Symbol

cern logo in black background

CERN (Conseil Européen pour la Recherche Nucléaire) is one of the most important research facilities in the world. Located in Switzerland, this facility focused on studying the most fundamental law of particles. By using The Large Hadron Collider Tunnel (LHC), which is a 27 km circumference ring buried at 175 meters deep in the ground. Scientists use this device to collide atoms at the 99% speed of light in order to break particles at the smaller levels.

On the other hand, CERN also become the birthplace of the World Wide Web technology that we use today. Tim Berners-Lee, a British scientist, who started this project in 1989 used this technology to share information between scientists and universities around the world. You can browse the first website in the world here.

Cern Symbol Hidden Meaning

Although the logo was established in 1968, there are still many debates regarding the meaning of this logo some people even associate this logo with unrelated stuff.


Many people who believe in biblical culture or conspiracy theories believe that this logo contains the demonic number 666. It said that this particle accelerator will open the portal to another dimension that can trigger dark entities from hell to enter our universe and hijack the earth. This means the second coming of Jesus will begin in such chronology.

Although it’s not completely true or false, let’s break the symbol to find the hidden 666.

cern 666 logo

By detaching the circle part which has 3 stems in it and rotating it 90 degrees we will start seeing the first number 6. The second and third numbers of 6 can be seen by rotating it 45 degrees from the center of the circle.

I’m not sure that the 666 is the base idea of the CERN logo because this company has not related to Bibble. And there’s no official explanation that claims the concept of 666 in its logo. Perhaps it’s a matter of a coincidence of the shape to 666.

However, if you want to explore other company logos which contain 666 check out this post! 5 Famous Logo That Contains “666” Number

Particle Track

cern lhc and particle track

This idea is more make sense than 666 because the CERN’s LHC track has circular shapes. There is also supported by an official explanation on their website that this logo is text surrounded by a schematic of a synchrotron, beamlines, and particle tracks.

This idea comes from the original document from 1968 from 114 designers that take inspiration from experiments. Resulting beautiful logo based on modern typeface like Optima typeface surrounded by particle accelerator lines.


CERN symbol has its unique approach to its design. As a research company, this logo can easily be distinguishable and stand out among all research facilities. But with thin lines and complex structure, this design is not suitable for very small media but also looks great on big building signage at the same time.

Medium Electric Blue color gives the academic feel as many universities often use this color. And also this blue type can also mean energy, trust, responsibility, commitment, and wisdom.

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