5 Famous Logos That Contain Hidden “666” Number

Hey folks! Get ready for a thrilling ride as we embark on a fun exploration of the world logos that contain the hidden “666” numbers”.

But hold up, before we dive in, let’s get one thing straight – we’re not here to spread any negativity! I’m just here to have a light-hearted and personal look at the possibility of finding the elusive “666” shape cleverly hidden in popular logos from around the world.

Logo design is a captivating world of creativity and ingenuity, and sometimes designers slip in sneaky elements that can be interpreted in different ways. So, let’s put on our detective hats and embark on an adventure to uncover these hidden “666” numbers while appreciating the artistic side of logo design. Are you ready? Let’s go!


Our first stop is the iconic Google logo, and you won’t believe what I’ve discovered. Upon careful observation, we’ve noticed that the two lowercase G’s and the lowercase e in the Google logo can come together to form the infamous “666” shape. Here’s the detail.

The horizontal line of the first G, when extended to the left, creates the first 6.

The lowercase g, when rotated 180 degrees, forms the second 6.

And, wait for it – the lowercase e, when flipped vertically and horizontally, cleverly transforms into the third 6!

It’s a mind-bending revelation that showcases the creative prowess of logo designers. So, let’s take a closer look at this intriguing hidden gem in the Google logo!

google logo 666

Open AI

OpenAI is the most popular AI platform from ChatGPT to Dall-E. I’m going to take a closer look at the OpenAI logo design and uncover a fascinating hidden gem.

The OpenAI logo features a hexagonal formation resembling flower petals, and upon closer inspection, I’ve made an intriguing discovery.

When I count the corners of the hexagonal shape from the innermost to the outermost corners, I find that it forms three sets of six corners each – revealing the hidden “666” number!

See the picture below for an explanation.

cern logo 666


While I couldn’t find any hidden “666” shape in the Bitcoin symbol, I stumbled upon an interesting observation. Some people have associated Bitcoin with conspiracy theories, claiming it to be a “satanic” currency, with “Baphomet” being considered as its god.

And guess what? The “B” in the Bitcoin symbol could potentially refer to the initial of “Baphomet”! It’s a thought-provoking revelation that adds an intriguing twist to the Bitcoin logo.

So, let’s see how it looks when I put “aphomet” after the Bitcoin symbol.

bitcoin logo 666


BlackRock is the world’s largest investment firm. BlackRock is renowned for its global presence and expertise in the financial industry.

But did you know that there’s more to their logo than meets the eye? Upon keen observation, I’ve made an intriguing discovery. If we count the total number of endpoints in the letters of the BlackRock word – l, a, c, k, R, c, and k – we get a total of 18.

And as we know, 18 is the sum of 6+6+6, which has been associated with the “666” symbolism. It’s a fascinating find that adds a curious twist to the BlackRock logo.

blackrock logo 666


The world’s largest particle collider and a renowned research institution. CERN is known for its cutting-edge experiments and groundbreaking discoveries in the field of physics.

But did you know that their logo holds a hidden secret? Upon further investigation, we’ve stumbled upon an intriguing find. The CERN symbol, which features a series of circles connected by lines, is said to contain a hidden “666” symbolism, as revealed in my post I posted before on The Hidden Meaning of CERN Symbol

Cern 666

Last Words

We’ve delved into the logos of Google, OpenAI, Bitcoin, BlackRock, and CERN, and discovered hidden symbolism that may suggest the presence of “666” in their designs.

However, it’s important to note that these findings are purely for fun and should not be taken seriously as any negative or sinister connotations. Symbolism and interpretations can vary greatly, and it’s essential to approach them with an open mind and a sense of curiosity.

We hope you’ve enjoyed this lighthearted exploration of the world of logos and hidden meanings.

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